Summer Shorts

Busy summer? No time for long commitments, but want to keep training with your dog? We may have the answer. Join us for our summer "shorts" classes. Just two and three week-long sets geared to work on specifics, and most of all have fun!

Impulse Control with Sticky Stays!

2 classes - $75.00 (up to 6 students) – August 10 & 17 - 7pm

For the dog that struggles around distractions. Can’t stay still, can’t focus, gets over-excited around other people and dogs. These classes will help you learn how to work with your dog in challenging environments.

Clicker fun!

2 classes - $80.00 (up to 6 students) - clicker included with registration – August 4 & 11 - 7pm

Learn the mechanics of clicker training, and how to incorporate it into you and your dog’s training.  

Loose Leash Walking

3 classes - $110.00 (up to 4 students)  July 20, 27, August 3 - 7pm 

Tired of being pulled down the sidewalk? Tired of sore arms and shoulders?

These classes will go through a step by step process to improve this common behaviour problem.  

Tricks and Games

2 classes - $75.00 (up to 6 students)  July 21 & 28 - 7pm

Have fun while building on your dog’s existing skills.

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Package Deals

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Register for any 2 programs for $140.00