Early Start For Puppies

Early Start For Puppies

from 25.00

New sights, sounds, people, smells.

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The weeks after you bring your puppy home are the most critical for socialization. Introduction to other dogs, people, smells, sounds, and sights are all a part of your puppy’s development. The lack of socialization can lead to serious behaviour issues later on. Let Dizine Canine’s early start puppy program help you and your puppy get on the right track. We provide a controlled environment of socialization to other puppies and people as well as get your pup started with an early foundation of social skills to prepare them for their adventures ahead. We’ll cover everything from polite greetings to potty training and everything in between.

Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks of age, and have had at least one set of vaccinations. Drop-in option is available for puppies nearing the age limit - please email shelagh@dizinecanine.com to pre-register.